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Gilles Moto GP Style Clutch Lever Guard

Part No: KHP-01

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Born from the partnership between Gilles and Yamaha Racing, the Gilles Moto GP Lever Guards are designed to protect the brake and clutch levers from impact in the race track environment. They are also suitable for street bike use with a racebike look.

The main body is CNC machined aluminum, whilst the protection arm is made of fibre glass reinforced plastic. The mixture of materials provides the best performance for stability and flexibility where it is needed. (Replacement arm pieces are available)

They are simple to fit and install just like a bar end weight. Designed to fit handlebars with an M8 thread or an internal diameter of 13.8-16.5mm

Why Gilles Controls

German company Gilles Tooling have specialised in precision-engineered specialist motorcycle parts since 1999. They are innovators of unique products and are market leaders in their area of expertise. All parts produced by Gilles Tooling are TUV approved and safety tested to the highest German standards.


IP GT Crash Protectors

Gilles introduce their innovative and patented new Crash Protection system with a built in “Damper” on the slider, which absorbs some of the initial impact and prevents transfer of shock energy into the mounts. This helps reduce the risk of broken frame lugs and other key mounting points.

  • Built in “Shock Absorber” to help prevent expensive broken mounting points.
  • Mushroom made from ABS plastic selected for best sliding characteristics.
  • Bike specific mounts.
  • Many kits require no drilling of bodywork.
  • Attractive CNC machined slider


Gilles AP Axle Protector / Paddock Stand Lifters

To complement and match the IP GT crash protectors Gilles also offer their AP range which not only protect the front and rear axle (Spindle) area but also double up as attractive paddock stand lifters.

  • Designed to reduce impact damage around front axle, rear swing arm and rear axle.
  • 2 in 1 axle protection and paddock stand adaptor
  • Available for front and rear for many bikes
  • Very easy to fit
  • Made from special ABS for perfect sliding characteristics (Resistant against hits and abrasion)
  • Rotary body for easy lifting with paddock stand
  • Pads and other spare parts available


Gilles Moto GP Lever Guards

As an official high performance accessory partner to Yamaha Racing, Gilles have been involved in the development of many technical parts for Yamaha’s racing activities in WSBK, BSB and Moto GP.

Born from that partnership, Gilles Moto GP Lever Guards are a brand new design now available for street or race bikes of all makes.


  • Beautifully CNC machined.
  • 2-piece design for easy replacement of damaged parts
  • Designed as a universal fit for all modern motorcycles.
  • Fits handlebars with an M8 thread or 14mm - 17.5mm inner diameter
  • Simple to fit (just like a bar-end weight)
  • Anodised for protection and longevity


Universal fitment, so only one part number


GP Light Clip-Ons                           

Clip-on handlebars designed for racing or O/E replacement. (Fixed position of 6-degree inclination.)

  • CNC precision machined from billet alloy
  • Lightweight construction - only 246g                      
  • Quick release bar system for speedy changes


Variobar Adjustable Clip-ons:

Precision made fully adjustable ‘Clip-On’ handlebar kits which if required can be fitted with an optional  ‘Riser Extension’ to give a more relaxed riding position and full adjustability to most sports orientated machines.

  • Beautifully CNC precision machined from billet alloy.
  • Anodised silver, black or gold to ensure longevity of finish.
  • 10 position locking adjustment - up and down.  
  • Quick release bar system for speedy changes.  
  • Can be fitted later with Gilles Riser Extensions.
  • Threaded bars ready to accept Gilles bar end weights (Standard or 20mm extended)


NB. Variobar kits are listed for specific models for fitting with no modifications and for which TUV testing has been approved, but they can be fitted to just about any other race/street bike with fork leg diameters between 35mm and 54mm without major modifications.       


Variobar Adjustable Riser kits:

  • Gives between 25mm and 60mm height extension over standard.                          
  • Fully adjustable – forward and back.                      
  • Combined with clip-on adjustment offers hundreds of possible settings.                             
  • No modifications necessary – use standard lines / cables / fairing.
  • Threaded bars ready to accept Gilles bar end weights (Standard or 20mm extended)


GTO (Fatbar) Oversize Handlebar Kits


  • Aluminium thick wall 28.6mm oversize
  • Low or medium rise geometry
  • Available in black or gold.


1D-GT & 2D-GT Handlebar Risers


  • 1D-GT are non adjustable & 2D-GT are fully adjustable
  • Mount on either original handlebar clamps or top yoke
  • Lift approximately 25mm
  • For use with either GTO oversize handlebars or OEM handlebars with a spacer kit
  • Available in black, black-gold or black-red

LG Handlebar Weights

Innovative designed handlebar weights including mounting hardware for handlebars 12mm to 22mm inside diameter.

  • Available in five different versions:
  • Type Aero / Type Flow / Type Cone / Type IP / Type Straight
  • Optional handlebar extension about 15-30mm



Fully adjustable, precision made, replacement footrest kits, made to the highest standards.

As 31 Gt Rearsets

  • CNC machined from aircraft spec' alloy.
  • Fully adjustable                                               
  • Carbon heel plates included.                                     
  • Precision bearing mounted lever arms.                 
  • O/E brake light switch retained.                                               
  • All linkages / bolts / hose extensions included.  
  • Anodised colours - titanium, gold or black.          
  • Many kits can be converted to reverse shift for racing.                  
  • TUV  / ISO 9002 approved.                                          
  • All spare available           
  • Full fitting instructions included.               


 As an add on, folding footrests are available to fit to the pillion footrest hangers and match the AS31GT style footrests.


VCR Rearsets

  • CNC machined from aircraft spec' alloy.
  • Fully adjustable – Rotary / Slide / Lever
  • Vented carbon heel plates included.      
  • Precision bearing mounted lever arms. 
  • Micro-switch brake light switch.                               
  • All linkages / bolts / hose extensions included.  
  • Anodised colours – Gold, black or mixed
  • Many kits can be converted to reverse shift.      
  • TUV  / ISO 9002 approved.                          
  • All spare parts available.              
  • Full fitting instructions included.


FX Rearsets


  • Ultra light racing rearset – Designed for, and used in World Superbikes.
  • Three position adjustable footpeg
  • Reverse shift versions available
  • Raw alloy finish or black anodised
  • Perfect compromise of lightweight versus strength
  • Options available: Street legal brake light kit / carbon heel plates
  • TUV  / ISO 9002 approved.                          
  • All spare parts available.              
  • Full fitting instructions included.


RCT - Rearsets for Adventure Sport Bikes


  • CNC machined from high-grade alloy then hard anodised
  • 12 position height / distance adjustment via rotor
  • Incline angle adjustable
  • Two options of footpeg profile – Smooth or serrated.
  • Optional rubber with vibration damper
  • Optional slider pad
  • Fully folding
  • Fits original mounting points
  • Stainless bolts
  • TUV approved
  • Patented design


RGK-2  Adjustable Foot Peg System


Suitable for rider and pillion, these simple, cost effective multi position footpegs fit to the OEM carriers but still give multiple adjustment positions for optimum comfort and performance.


  • 24 Position, 360° adjustment
  • 10mm to 40mm extensions available - From high sporting to low comfortable positions
  • Fit to standard mounts
  • Suitable for rider or pillion




Evolved from Gilles’ innovative KTS chain adjusters, their newer design TCA version offers many improvements over the original design.

In addition to enabling quick and precise wheel alignment and chain adjustment, TCA can also be fitted with optional paddock stand lifters for easy chain maintenance and crash pads for added swing-arm protection.


  • CNC machined from lightweight AL7075 alloy
  • Degree markings allow precise & easy adjustment from the back
  • Slider moves back & forth by turning adjustment screw
  • As an option, chain adjusters can be fitted with paddock stand lifters and / or TCA crash pads.
  • Lifter enables quick & safe lifting of the bike.
  • Choice of 3 anodised colours – Black, Gold or Titanium.


Paddock stand adaptor bolts are available in 12mm & 20mm sizes to convert most paddock stands to a male end for use with GP lifters.




Introduced for 2012 as an entry level chain block, these highly attractive CNC machined adjusters offer:


  • High-precision chain adjustment
  • Special bolt enables axle adjustment in both directions
  • Precise positioning by graded-scale
  • Axb stay in the swing arm while rear wheel installation
  • Braces the axle against compressive and tensile load
  • Easier rear wheel installation
  • Available in different precious hard anodized colours



Highly technical titanium safety locknut featuring an innovative pinlock system to ensure that the nut stays tight.


  • Optically matched to compliment KTS kits or as a stand-alone safety nut.
  • Machined from type T16ALV4 titanium
  • Ultra light weight at only 20g
  • Multi function – Axle / top yoke / swinging arm pivot
  • Innovative pin lock design with self locking feature
  • Composite washer prevents marking of components




Gilles.tooling ACM.alu is derived straight from our popular patented self-locking titanium lock nut. In common with its sister product, it has the easy to use pin-interlock system to prevent it from loosening.

NB………ACMA Is designed solely for use as top yoke nut. Don’t use it on the rear axle or swing arm axle!

  • Made from billet 7075 aluminium
  • Anodised in gold, red, black or blue
  • Sizes: M22x1, M24x1, M24x1.5, M25x1, M28x1
  • Patented pin-interlock system
  • No special tools necessary




Precision made, CNC machined from billet alloy, adjustable levers. In typical Gilles high quality, they are available in two types of lever.

FX  levers


  • Optimal shape for all braking styles
  • Ideal length for perfect control
  • 35 position adjustable
  • Optional laser etching
  • Easy adjustment by central thumb wheel
  • Machined weak snap point beyond two finger braking zone
  • Coated bearings mounting for smooth operation
  • Choice of anodized colours
  • TUV approved


GT X-Treme Lever


  • Choice of designs:  Ergo / Straight / Short
  • Adjustable and folding
  • 50 position adjustments on 25mm span
  • Optional remote adjuster with machined from billet alloy bracket
  • Unique high wear resistance flat spring lock
  • Machined aerodynamic slot to prevent high speed wind resistance braking
  • Choice of anodized colours
  • TUV approved
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KHP-01 - Gilles Moto GP Style Clutch Lever Guard

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Gilles Moto GP Style Brake Lever Guard Gilles Moto GP Style Brake Lever Guard

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Gilles Moto GP Style Clutch Lever Guard Gilles Moto GP Style Clutch Lever Guard

£76.50 was £85.00

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